95 Years of great music!

In 1917, William "Billy" Savage founded Big Town Records in the town of Bracebridge, Ontario in an attempt to bring the great sounds of New Orleans jazz he had heard on a vacation north of the border. He met with limited success, his big break was signing Gregory Delainy, the famous Canadian pianist. They collaborated for a few years until Gregory's famous disappearance in 1919. The record company continued booking local acts in the resorts and bars in the area until 1971 when a 74 year old Billy passed the reigns over to his son Randolph.

Randolph took a company whose groove had been losing steam for many years and re-envisioned it to Mad Dog Records, changed its focus to the emerging sound of power rock, and moved locations to a studio near the Rideau in Ottawa. Randolph has had a much greater success then his father, booking shows in the much busier Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto bar scenes, and signing some of the great local rock bands. He continues rocking out to this day!

List of Bands signed to MDR